Cookies and similar technologies

This website uses cookie technology and similar technologies (e.g. local storage) to save and read information from your browser. This information may concern you, your preferences, your browser. This data is stored and read mainly so that the browser can remember certain settings and variables between reloading the page or after closing and opening the browser, making it easier for you to use the website. I recommend accepting all cookies, but I respect that you may not want to use them. Below, I explain the principle of operation of individual cookies and similar technologies implemented on this website.

Necessary cookies

Cookie/key name Domain Description
PHPSESSID This is a necessary cookie that stores the session ID. It allows the server to create a store of variables assigned to a specific user. The cookie is changed after logging in, deleted after closing the browser. It cannot be turned off.
zgodaCiasteczkoJson n/a This is a necessary local storage key that stores information regarding the acceptance of cookies and similar technologies and the user's choice. It cannot be turned off.

Functional cookies

Cookie name Domain Description
language This is a small cookie that stores the user's language preference.